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about us

For the past 30 years (over a quarter of a century) we have tried to keep the Crostwick White Horse as traditional pub as possible. Where a pleasant mix of regulars can chat to the bar staff whilst perched on stools, or for those just passing through to be treated as friends rather than strangers. Over the years, with the help of our very kind customers donating so many trinkets and collectables - which can be seen inside and out around the pub and even in the gardens.


We have so many memories - happy times and sad times. The pub has been a hub of many generations who live near and afar, with customers returning to find we are still here after all these years. We have been extremely lucky in maintaining our team off staff, so a special thank you to all of them, some of which are still working here after 30 years! We must be doing something right. 



I think we can all agrees this is true?

"welcome to the best only pub in Crostwick


from our Sally

"I'm planning on having my favourite drink tonight - it's called 'ALOT'"


rule #3 - stick to the ru

"#1 Bartender is always right #2 If the Bartender is wrong - refer to #1"


from our Tracy

"In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria!"


we can't forget Michael's favourite quote

"Hire a teenager while they still know everything!"


and from our Landlady

"There are no problems in life - just solutions!"

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